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1977 - 1979 Cason Sound

Audio Engineer

George Cason was one of the first guys with Showco. He worked full time for a company as a Structural Engineer and had been renting a couple of small systems locally working mainly out of his garage. In 1976, after he and Charlie Burns teamed up for a short while, he rented space big enough to start building more systems and have storage space. I think we had 5 or 6 club systems and one large system and several employees. We had a house system in a new club called the Whisky Box on Upper Greenville where I worked for Mother Of Pearl who I always did sound for at the now defunct Faces. Also, Brave Combo some and  The Lynn Groom Band which consisted of Mouse from Mouse and the Traps, Ron Mason on organ, Brad Smith on drums and three backup girl singers ( Chastity Fox was one ) - a big band, lots of fun. Some of the players on tour with James Taylor hung out and sat in while rehearsing at Showco for a tour. Russ Kunkel and Lee Sklar sat in more than once and I remember playing pinball and "Space Invaders" with Lee.  In 1979 Charles Stewart decided to expand Pantego Sound and take on the rest of his building he had been renting out. We built a new contol room, got a new 24 track MCI 2 inch tape deck and a new console, so I decided to spend more time there and phased out some of the live sound work I had been doing.  In early 1980, I started recording Savvy who had just added Ricky Lynn Gregg who had some original songs.   Towards the end of 1980 I got a chance to record the Q102 More Texas Crude Album and was introduced to 10 or 12 new bands that ended up recording more stuff.  Savvy   won the Battle of the Bands from that album and earned an opening spot at The Texxas Jam.  It was obvious that they were getting bigger and needed management, so I decided to take the position as  Personal Manager for Savvy.

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