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1992 - 1996

Pantego Sound

Owner / Audio Engineer

After a few years with a "real job" ( ouch ) I found myself back at good old Pantego Sound with an empty building. Abbott had just finished up Pantera's latest release and moved to Nashville. I managed to put some equipment together and I borrowed a console from Charles Kitch at Sound Productions to demo.  I told Charles I could not pay for it right now and I wasn't bringing it back.  We worked it out and, thanks to Charles, I got going again. I didn't even have my headphones or anything else wired up correctly yet when Jerry Max Lane called and said he had some songs to demo for Gearge Strait in 5 days and "was he going to do it with me or should he go somewhere else?"  So, I worked night and day and did the session and it was one of the best I had ever done.   Doug Leake was also an engineer and he was real good, eventually he got a gig with George Strait and wasn't around as much.

I had a couple of small club rental sound systems for a while and worked with local bands like the Party Crashers, Incognito, and an all female band called Fatal Attraction ( one gig at Seagoville Prison, that was a trip ! ). Also, freelanced for The Sidemen and Mark Harrell Band a bunch.

In 1992, I worked at Fatso's Burgers and Blues for a while.

In 1993 I spent a few months on the road with Ricky Lynn Gregg.

I started working Saturday nights for the Grapevine Opry in 1994 and also got in the rotation as an engineer at the Caravan of Dreams, so I had less time to devote to the studio. Also, being the "owner" really taxed the creative side. We stayed pretty busy, but it was a struggle just paying the bills and keeping the gear maintained and upgraded to our standards.

On April 28, 1996 the studio was closed. A very sad day, but a decision had to be made.


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