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CS3000logo_138.jpg (4935 bytes)       Euphonix CS3000    Total Snapshot Recall - Full Automation

       56 Faders        8 Aux Sends   24 Channels of Virtual Dynamics

       Each Channel Strip has 2 Four Band Parametric EQ's, 2 Mic Inputs, 4 Line Inputs

" Best of both worlds, Analog and Digital, the CS3000 console has a pure analog path with total digital control. "


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DigiDesign Pro Tools HD on Mac G4


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Studer A827 24 Track 2 Inch Analog Tape Recorder w/Dolby SR


TC Finalizer 96k

UREI 813B Control Room Monitors powered by Crown M-2402

Genelec 1030A Near Field Monitors

Harman Kardon / JBL Playback System with Subwoofer

UREI 834 Studio Monitors

Crown and Carver Amps

Headphones by AKG, Sony, Koss, Sennheiser

Mics by Neumann, Lawson, AKG, Beyer, Crown, Fathead, Sennheiser, CAD, Shure

Effects by Eventide ( H3000 ), Lexicon (PCM 81, Model 200 ), Delta Lab and an Ecoplate Plate Reverb

Processing by UREI, DBX, Apogee, T.C. Electronics and more....

Yamaha 7 ft. Grand Piano

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