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Lawson L251 Vacuum Tube Microphone

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Lawson Inc. continues its tradition of recreating the classic microphones of yesteryear with the L251 vacuum tube microphone that features a faithful reproduction of the one inch capsule used in the ELAM 251, a rare vintage mic renowned and coveted for its sparkling "airy" highs and warm solid lows.


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Big magic comes in small packages!
The L47FET  is new and improved! It has a new lightweight one-piece machined aluminum body finished in durable satin chrome. The head is machined brass and plated with luscious bright nickel. The L47FET's rugged design, lighter weight, and small profile make it easy to fit into tight spaces such as bass drum.
Although the L47FET solid state electronics are capable of only a cardioid response, the L47FET's Quick Change™ capsule, when used with any Lawson multi-pattern electronics is capable of full multi-pattern functionality making it a perfect companion to the L251 tube microphone. Remove the Quick Change™ capsule from the L47FET, put it on your L251 tube electronics, and voila! You have an L47MP MKII. Put the L251 capsule on the FET electronics and record with the L251FET.
The L47FET uses all discrete components including one percent low noise metal film resistors. No integrated circuits or surface mount parts are used.

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