" From The Lone Star...

...to The Gulf Coast "

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John Autin

I Miss My Darlin' New Orleans

Vocals - John Autin
Piano - John Autin
Guitar - Danny Hubbard
Bass Guitar - Jerry Hancock
Drums - Vernon Severin
Trombone - Brian Bagur

"The big hearts of Texans opened up to us by giving us the opportunity to do this CD. I will never forget how you guys saved me from the evacuation blues." - John Autin


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Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans ?

Vocals/Guitar - Bryan Hilton
Tuba/Bone/Piano - Ronnell Johnson
Trumpet - Ernest Johnson
Sax - Kyle O'Donnell
Trumpet - Clynt Yerkes
Drums - Ajay Malery
Bass Guitar - Brandon Peoples



Beautiful Strange

Vocals/All Instruments

Jonno Deily-Swearingen

"'Beautiful Strange' came out of me steadily over the two weeks following Katrina, while I was stuck in Pensacola, unable to contact anyone who had stayed behind, not knowing what the state of my own neighborhood was, unable to do anything but watch New Orleans get gradually torn down on TV. If I succeeded, the song says everything that I was feeling then in a more emotionally immediate way than anything I could write here..."  -  Jonno


Kenny Traylor

Where Were You When The Levee Broke?

Vocals/Guitar - Kenny Traylor


Bart Ramsey

Back In New Orleans

Piano/Vocals - Bart Ramsey
Fiddle - Neti Vaan
Guitar - Slim Richey
Guitar - Raphael Bas
Clarinet - Stanley Smith
Double Bass  - Francie White

"It was a strange feeling for me to miss my life in New Orleans, a life that suddenly didn't exist after the flood of 2005. Now the city is in slow recovery but I wonder if it will need to grow a new soul. I am optimistic about the Reconstruction, but sad that so many people who made New Orleans great cannot return." - Bart

The Rockin' Jake Band with Kenny Traylor

Waves Of Sadness

Vocals/Dobro/BG Vocals - Kenny Traylor
Harmonica - Rockin' Jake
 Guitar - Randy Ellis
Bass Guitar - Mark Kryvanick
Drums - Tommy Jackson
BG Vocals - Bernadette Reynal

"Originally written with a broken heart after the
dissolution of a long romance, with new additional lyrics by John Autin,
it is very expressive of the pain I'm feeling post-Katrina." - Jake


Greg Finsley

To Fall In Love

  Vocals/All Instruments

Greg Finsley

"The song was written years ago while I was toiling away with a band on Bourbon St. and wondering when I was gonna make it "bigger" some day. My boss at the time said, "Gregory, don't worry, the whole world walks up and down this street", which prompted the spark for a song, and the rest is history.  I wrote this piece, played piano, drums, all the lead and backing vocals. Aside from music, food, and architecture, New Orleans to me is "one of a kind". Probably the most culturally diverse city in the United States and beautiful because of that. You either love it, or hate it. I choose to love it, for always." - Greg



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Bogged Down In The Bayou

Vocals/Sax - Joe Auenson
Keyboards - Ron DiIulio
Guitar - Danny Hubbard
Bass Guitar - Jerry Hancock

Drums - Warren Dewey


Cool Bone

I Found A New Baby

Tuba/Bone/Piano - Ronnell Johnson
Trumpet - Ernest Johnson
Sax - Kyle O'Donnell
Trumpet - Clynt Yerkes
Drums - Ajay Malery

Ken Jameson

Down In New Orleans

Vocals/Piano- Ken Jameson
Bass - Robert Dickson
Trumpet/Flugelhorn - Milo Mannino
Alto Sax - Lee Hicks
Tenor Sax - Richard Leveille
Trombone - Tim Schneider
Drums - Jeff Mills

"Before moving to New Orleans, I had hit a creative barricade.  New Orleans became my Muse and renewed me artistically.  This song came to me at Café Du Monde, while I was sipping chicory coffee, eating a beignet and absorbing the sites and sounds of Jackson Square.  When I returned to New Orleans, after the hurricane, I went down to Bourbon Street and wandered around.   As I listened to the music pour from the clubs, I realized that the Spirit of the New Orleans was still alive and would continue to inspire others seeking her favor." - Ken

Dennis Cavalier

Fess It Up

Piano/Vocals - Dennis Cavalier


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Shotgun Sally

Vocals/Guitar - John Nitzinger
Piano - Lewis Stephens
Steel Guitar - Larry White
Bass Guitar - Bob Spoon
Drums - Mike Gage


Dennis Cavalier

New Orleans Rising

Piano/Vocals - Dennis Cavalier
Bass Guitar - Wes Stevenson
Trombone - Randy Wensel
Sax - David Lee Schloss
Trumpet - Larry Spencer
Drums - Bobby Breaux


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Mardi Gras

Vocals/BG Vocals - Mark Ballew
Guitar - Buddy Whittington
Guitar - Jerry Kelly
Bass Guitar - Ed Johnson
Keyboards - Gary Hollis
Drums - Mark Lawrence
BG Vocals - Elizabeth Edgar
Percussion - Jeff Ward

Big Daddy O'

Louisiana Moon

Vocals/Guitar - Big Daddy O'

"Keep the faith cause everything's gonna be alright,'Lets call it a new beginning' instead of a disaster
as Lennon and McCartney said 'we'll get by with little help from our friends' ".   - Big Daddy O'


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Goin' Back To The Big Easy

Harmonica & vocals - Rockin' Jake
 Guitar & vocals - Randy Ellis
Bass Guitar - Mark Kryvanik
Drums - Tommy Jackson

"This song expresses the joy I've always felt when
returning home to New Orleans from being on tour. I hope I can experience
those feelings again someday." - Jake