Office of the Press Secretary                                                      (Fort Worth, Texas)

For Immediate Release                                                          September 27, 1996     

  Sundance Square      Fort Worth, Texas      1:00 P.M. CDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Hello, Fort Worth! (Applause.) Now, folks, I've got 39 more days, but the Rangers just have one more day. (Applause.)

It is great to be here. And, Mr. Mayor, thank you for welcoming me here and thank you for your strong leadership. And I want to say on behalf of the people of our entire country, it is truly inspiring to come to Fort Worth, to stand in this gorgeous square to see the magnificent work that has been done here by your citizens -- of course, the Bass Brothers, but others as well -- to renovate this place and make this city look beautiful and livable and attractive, a place you can be proud of. Thank you very much for what you have done. (Applause.)

Sundance Square is a place that any American would be proud to stand in and feel good in, and it shows you what we can do when we work together, when we change the way we do business from pointing fingers and trying to blame people to saying how can we roll up our sleeves and work together to make life better for everyone. That's what I am trying to do. (Applause.)

I'd like to thank Rich Connor for giving me that beautiful hat. Don't you think it looked pretty good? I thought it looked pretty good. (Applause.) And I'm honored to be in the long line of Presidents who have received hats from the publisher of the newspaper here. I was so impressed when I heard that President Roosevelt and President Truman and President Coolidge and Winston Churchill had gotten these hats. And then when I put mine on, I wondered, I wonder if they ever wore those cowboy hats. (Laughter.) I'll wear mine, and I thank you for it. (Applause.)

I'd like to thank Art Brender (phonetic) and the Tarrant County Democrats who have worked so hard to help at least a fair portion of you get here today. Thank you, Speaker Jim Wright, for being here and for all your service to our country and the people of this county. (Applause.) Thank you, Governor Ann Richards, for all you have done for Texas and for our country. (Applause.)

I want to thank these fine young people in the Tarrant County President's Band. Aren't they fine looking? (Applause.) They're going to play for us later. Thank you. (Applause.)

Well, now we know. Now we know. (Applause.) You don't have to guess in Texas. And I'm glad we've got some folks in the back representing the other side. They're welcome.


THE PRESIDENT: No, no, don't boo them. They're welcome here. This is America -- everybody's welcome here. They're welcome here. I'm glad they're here. (Applause.) But here we are now in 1996, and here are the facts on the opportunity --

You reckon they cut the microphone off? (Laughter.) Is it on? Now? Turn this thing on. Cheer a while while we wait. (Applause.)

THE AUDIENCE: Four more years! Four more years!

THE PRESIDENT: Now? Now? No? Yes. Is it on?


THE PRESIDENT: Can you hear in the back?


THE PRESIDENT: Well, here are the facts. We have 10.5 million more jobs, record exports, record numbers of new small businesses, 4.5 million new homeowners, a 15-year high in homeownership, a 7.5-year low in unemployment -- in Texas, a 15-year low in unemployment -- the lowest combined rates of unemployment, inflation and home mortgages in 27 years. We're moving in the right direction. (Applause.)

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