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1971 Stymie

E.M.(equipment manager)/Foosball/Beer,etc.

the first band I worked for, well, they only played two clubs in Fort Worth,

so really I played a lot of foosball and drank a lot of beer, etc.

I was only 19 but " It's OK, I'm with the Band " worked. This was before they lowered the drinking age to 18.

George Jara on guitar

Tommy Vowell on vocals and guitar

Bobby Wilcox on bass

Mike Kennedy on drums


The Peppermint Lounge on Jacksboro Highway

Omar's on Jacksboro Highway

back and forth.

They played six nights a week and it was always crowded, a very popular dance band.

The band started working on some originals, I made my first visit to a recording studio.

The studio owner was  a scam artist guy, we learned that we did not pay for Stereo time, MONO IS ONE!

Just as things were kind of coming together, Mike Kennedy left to play with Freddie King.

Great for Mike, bummer for us.

Then Bobby left to join former Bloodrock guitar player Lee Pickens Group.

I went back to TCJC for a semester taking some music courses, I was in the middle of a second semester...

then I got the gig with Nitzinger.


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